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Author: Andreas Schmidt

This Plugin plays DVD ISO images and DVD compatible folders. You may also burn images to DVD or read complete DVDs store them on disk. Especially useful for checking images created by Burn-plugin.

Similar functionality is done by the Dvdselect-plugin.


Last Update 03/2013


Software Requirements


  • For use inside the plugin, either the full path needs to be provided as #Parameter, or the scripts are put into a location given by PATH env variable.
  • dvdswitch_readdvd.sh script puts his output in /var/log/vdr/readdvd.log, therefore folder /var/log/vdr needs to exist.



The following command line params exist:

Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-D <LOG> --debug=<LOG> write debug infos into LOGFILE
-r <DATEI> --readscript=<DATEI> script for reading DVDs into ISO image
-w <DATEI> --writescript=<DATEI> script for burining an image
-i <DIR> --imagedir=<DIR> path to DVD images (may be set also in Setup)

Script Parameters

The following params are passed to dvdswitch_readdvd.sh:

  • path of the image to be created
  • image name including file extension
  • DVD burning device (ie. /dev/hd*)
  • if avail. mountpoint in /etc/fstab for burner
  • info wether image should be created as "IMAGE" or "DIR" (folder)

The following params are passed to dvdswitch_writedvd.sh:

  • image name including path
  • image Type (as above: "IMAGE" or "DIR").

Current Version


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