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Author: Christian Wieninger

EPG Search can be used a replacement EPG view. It extends the standard EPG view (ie. search for rebroadcasts), a command menu for epg events and a search function for EPG. The search may create automatically timers.

This 'search timers', search for broadcasts in the background and add a timer if one matches (similar to VDRAdmin's auto-timers) or simply announce it via OSD. Once you have created your searches, any programme(s) matching your criteria (Programme title/description; start/end time; channel etc.), it will be recorded. So you can record every episode of a series automatically.

A timer-conflict-check checks in the background for overlapping timers and if one cannot be record it informs the user via OSD. The conflict can then be resolved with an easy to handle OSD menu.

Epgsearch can inform you with an email at timer-updates and/or at timer-conflicts and you can use user defined variables for use in searchtimers and for calling external scripts to influence timer creation.


Last Update 09/2011



There are too much features to describe them all here. You can read the plugins manpages online:



This plugin can be used as standard schedule viewer. therefore the /etc/vdr/keymacros.conf file has to altered

# Remote control key macros for VDR
# Format:
# macrokey  key1 key2 key3...
# macrokey  @plugin key1 key2 key3...
# See man vdr(5)

Red       @pilot
Green     @epgsearch
Blue      Timers
Yellow    @prefermenu

SVDRP commands

Parameter Description
LSTS [ID] Lists all searches, or the search with the given ID [ID].

The output is the same as the contents of epgsearch.conf.

NEWS <settings> Adds a new search. <settings> is formatted as epgsearch.conf. Hint: ID needs to be given, but is ignored and a new ID is generated.
DELS <ID> Deletes search with given ID <ID>.
EDIS <settings> modifies a a search.
UPDS [OSD] Trigger update of search timers. If OSD is given, a message appears on OSD as soon as update is finished.
UPDD re-read epgsearchdone.data after file change with external tool.
SETS <ON|OFF> de-/activate thread for search timers.
FIND <settings> find EPG events matching to <settings>

There are more SVDRP commands. For a complete list, read the MANUAL.


Makefile options

#WITHOUT_EPGSEARCHONLY = 1 uncomment if mini plugin epgsearchonly should not be build.

epgsearchonly generates a main menue entry "Search" and is a shortcut for search timers.

#WITHOUT_CONFLICTCHECKONLY = 1 uncomment if mini plugin conflictcheckonly should not be build.

conflictcheckonly generates a main menue entry "Timer conflicts" and is a shortcut for "Search timer/Actions/Check timer conflicts".

#WITHOUT_QUICKSEARCH = 1 uncomment if mini plugin quicksearch should not be build.

quicksearch generates a main menue entry "fast search" and serves as a fast EPG search without need to create a search timer.

#HAVE_PCREPOSIX = 1 uncomment, if PERL compat regExp (Perl compatible regular expressions, PCRE) should be used.
#HAVE_LIBTRE = 1 uncomment, if libtre is installed

Software Requirements

  • (P)erl-(c)ompatible (r)egular (e)xpression library, PCRE (optional)
  • TRE library (optional)

Version History

Version Date Description Link
1.0.1.beta5 29.03.2013 1.0.1.beta5
1.0.0 (Current Version) 11.09.2011 1.0.0

Bugs and wish list


Version 1.0.0


  1. Plugins Homepage
  2. Perl-compatible regular expression library
  3. GIT-Repository