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Author: Winfried Köhler

The exec Plugin integrates Timer for Actions / Shell commands into VDR.
Action can be:

  • a shell command (1 to 255 chars including quoting; colon not allowed.)
  • shutdown your VDR computer
  • a Warning message in OSD
  • a Info message in OSD

"exec timers" can be managed using main menu or remotely by SVDRP. Each Exec Timer can be programmed as

  • single shot Timer (just executed once an deleted after that automatically)
  • weekly repeated Timer (week days depending on setting: MTWTFSS)
  • immediately run background Timer, where "immediately" means started within a minute


Last Update 08/2010



Main Menu

Exec Timers are reached via Main Menu entry "Exec Timer". You can modify or create/delete timers from there.

Plugins Setup Menü

In the plugins settings you can enable/disable the Main Menü entry "Exec Timer" and toggle SVDRP support.

SVDRP commands


If using the SVDRP interface, you should read the documentation completely!


Every user, who is able to program Exec Timers, may execute commands with the permissions of the VDR process!!

Therefore, the logins or permissions of the vdr process should be restricted. Alternatively SVDRP support may be turned off.

SVDRP Kommando Description
NEWT create new Exec Timer
DELT delete Exec Timer with given index (0 .. N-1)
RUNT Run/Trigger Exec Timer with given index (0 .. N-1)
LSTT Lists all Exec Timers.
CLRT Delete all Exec Timers.
NACT List next active Exec Timer.
NWUT List next wakeup Exec Timer.


bash-3.00# svdrpsend.pl plug exec LSTT
220 TopLap SVDRP VideoDiskRecorder 1.5.10; Sun Oct 14 16:32:14 2007
250 -----S-:1500:0:1:1:0:0:update_dvb_driver.sh
250 -----S-:1520:0:1:1:0:0:vdrGetWeeklyUpdate.sh
250 2007-12-24:1730:0:1:1:0:0:play Chrismas_Song
221 TopLap closing connection

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