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The JumpPlay patch changes the behavior of the replay function if cutting marks are set. If an end mark is reached during replay the replay position jumps to the next start mark if available. This way commercials can automatically be avoided without cutting.

The features of this patch can be turned on or off in the Setup menu Replay.

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

  • patch

Applying the patch

If the patch is compressed you have to unpack it before

gunzip patch

Now you can install it with

patch -p 1 < /path/to/patch

Note, VDR has to be recompiled now, see VDR installation.

Parameters in the Setup menu Replay

Parameter Default Description
Jump&Play no Turns playing on or off after jumping forward to the

next editing mark with the '9' key.

Play&Jump no Turns automatic jumping over commercial breaks on or off. This includes the following:
  • Jumping to the first mark if the replay starts at the beginning of a recording
  • Jumping over commercial breaks to the next start mark if an end mark is reached
  • Stopping the replay at the last mark
  • The '8' key continues the replay three seconds before the next mark - whether start or end mark. This can be used to test if the editing marks are correctly positioned for a "smooth" jump over a commercial break.
Load marks interval (s) 0 Set the load marks interval in seconds. This can be used if an external programme adjusts the cutting marks, e.g. noad in online mode. A value of '0' disables the cyclic reloading of cutting marks.



[1] http://www.toms-cafe.de/vdr/download/ Patch homepage