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The undelete plugin restored accidentally deleted recordings.

When VDR deletes a recording, it is not actually deleted, but marked for later deletion VDR. From time to time, when VDR has nothing else to do, it start to really delete those marked recordings.

This plugin can unmark recording and VDR won't delete them anymore. Also marked recording can be really deleted.

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

  • VDR >= 1.2.6
  • Elchi-AIO patch (optional, automatically detected)


See plugin installation



Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-c --confirm_del_rec Confirmation request for deletion of recordings
-C --not_confirm_del_rec Deletion of recording without confirmation
-d --confirm_del_dir Confirmation request for deletion of directories
-D --not_confirm_del_dir Deletion of directories without confirmation
-m --visible_in_mainmenu Show entry Undelete in the main menu
-M --hide_in_mainmenu Hide entry in main menu (accessible through setup menu)
-n NAME --mainmenu_name=NAME Name of the main menu entry
-s --confirm_undel_rec Confirmation request for undeletion
-S --not_confirm_undel_rec Undeletion without confirmation
-t --confirm_undel_dir Confirmation request for undeletion of directories
-T --not_confirm_undel_dir Undelete directories without confirmation
-v --verbose Log with syslog
-V --noverbose Log only errors
--nosetup_commandline Make commandline options unchangeable through the setup menu
@config-file Read further parameter from the given file



  1. Plugin homepage
  2. Plugin von Petri Hintukainen