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vdrtube.pl is a small utility for populating a webtree of vdr-recordings (and lately other media like avi or mp3) with the required (static) html and flash to view them in your standard-browser over the web.

In current versions it is also possible to view the recordings using PDA, Sony Playstation, Nintendo WII, several incarnations of iPod/iPhone and mobiles compatand likely Apple iPod-Video. This is beeing accomplished by also supporting mp4 and 3gp as output options.

Installation and usage are kept simple with the inexperienced user in mind.

Hardware requirements

  • The (included) ffmpeg binary is statically linked and therefore runs only on x86 architekture. It is still possible to use your own ffmpeg binary and this functionality has successfully been tested on Linux on PowerPC.

Software requirements

The following software is used by this project, but since everything is included you don't need to install anything but the vdrTUBE package itself:

Installation and Usage


Installation is simple, just untar the package.

# cd /tmp/
# tar xvzf vdrtube-VERSION.tar.gz


You should not need to configure anything for your first run.

# cd vdrtube-VERSION
# perl vdrtube.pl /video/path/to/recording/datestring.rec \

After that you should have a "webtree" directory where you could add other recordings by simply calling vdrtube.pl again.

It is also possible to directly trigger vdrtube.pl from VDR. Please see helpers/reccmds/README for info.

Known problems

VDR is very acceptive about incorrectable streams and data files, ffmpeg not always. In some cases this leads to recordings which cannot be converted. Often it helps if you run ProjectX (-tovdr) against the recording to cleanup possible problems in the MPEG-stream. Sometimes the reason for unconvertible recordings is a defect audio-track, so you could try a different one. Sometimes it's simply a quoting problem, so you better use parentheses around the recording name.


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  3. FAQ at the project homepage