ATI/AMD TV Wonder 650 PCI

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An ATSC PCI card from ATI.

It is currently unsupported under Linux.


Components Used

  • Samsung TECC1149FG01A (tuner module) (See the article's talk page for a link)
    • TI SN761677 [1] (tuner IC; see the article's talk page)
  • ATI Theater 312 (digital demodulator) [2]
  • ATI Theater 650 Pro (analog demodulator, A/V decoder, mpeg2 encoder, PCI bridge)
  • Samsung DRAM (32MB ?)
  • 2 x Pericom PI5C16211AE (24-Bit Bus Exchange Switch, found on the backside of the PCB adjacent to the PCI connector) [3]

AMD's Driver

The Windows driver is available for download from AMD's website.

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