AVerMedia AVerTV Combo PCIe (M780)

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An hybrid ATSC PCIe card from AVerMedia.

It is currently not supported under Linux, although an experimental tree with digital support can be found here: KernelLabs hg tree. More info can be found on the KernelLabs blog.


The AVerTV Combo PCIe M780 features 2 RF inputs (one for analog, one for digital), and A/V inputs (S-Video and 3.5mm mini-stereo). An 8pin A/V header is also present on the card, which allows for additional input when used with PC cases that have built in front or rear panel A/V connectors (S-Video, Composite and L/R Audio).

The "white box" retail package includes a low riser bracket, 3.5mm male to L/R RCA female stereo audio adapter, composite to s-video adapter and a small 8-to-10 pin adapter cable for the front or rear panel a/v inputs (most PC cases featuring such support will have a 10pin front/rear A/V connector, but because the card is of a low profile form factor, the size of the connector on TV card's board had to be minimized, and hence the need to include this adapter). The retail package looks to add a remote controller, an IR blaster and receiver, and some other cable.

Components used

  • Microtune MT2131 - ATSC with the AN5832SA
  • Xceive XC2028 - NTSC
  • ? (analog video IF demodulator)
  • Panasonic AN5832SA (SIF demodulator)
  • LG DT3303 (digital demodulator)
  • NEC uPD61153 (video decoder & MPEG2 encoder)
  • Micronas APB 7202A nGene (PCIe bridge)
  • Some RAM
  • An EEPROM IC (likely containing firmware for the nGene)
  • two small ICs beneath the tuner modules ... both dual 4-ch analog mux/demux

Notably absent on the face of the card is an analog video IF demodulator, which suggests that it is incorporated into the analog tuner. The fact that an external SIF demodulator is used by the card helps to narrow down the list of possible candidates for the analog tuner. The SIF demod is connected to the MT2131. Is this unusual? It seems to conflict with the above comment.

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