AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-T 771 (A771)

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The AVerMedia A771 is a, so called, budget or software decoding PCI DVB-T card. These cards work well with the latest kernels.

It is the successor to the original AVerTV DVB-T card, the A761 model.


The AVerMedia A771 features:

  • a MT352 demodulator ... The first few versions of the MT352 driver didn't work so well, so try upgrading if you have problems with tuning.

(mt352/samsung tdtc9251dh0(??))

 features: Card is capable of delivering the full unmodified TS stream to userspace. AVin
 card driver: dvb-bt8xx
 interface: PCI
 PCI device id: 109e:036e
 PCI subsystem id: 1461:0771
 Bridge: Brooktree bt878
 frontend 1:
   tin box: samsung tdtc9251dh0
   frontend driver: mt352
   demodulator location: tin box
   demodulator: mt352 @0x0f
   PLL: ?? @0x61

Kernel configuration

If building your own kernel, you would want to select all options under "I2C" and all options under "Video for Linux" (incl. "DVB", obviously).

AVerMedia actually wrote a nice HOWTO for Setting up an AVerMedia A771 DVB-T card under Linux ... likely very dated by now, but worth a look. AVerMedia's guide is nolonger on their site, but it can be found on Archive.org

After compilation, to get the card to work simply call "modprobe dvb_bt8xx". Then run, "scan" (from dvb apps) or MythTV as normal.