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Installing DVB-S card Hauppauge/Techotrend SAA7146 under Linux Mandriva 2007.1 and 2008:

1. Copy a textfile "dvb.rules" in /etc/udev/rules.d/:

KERNEL=="dvb*", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k", NAME="%c"

2. Copy a script "" in /etc/udev/scripts/:


/bin/echo $1 | /bin/sed -e 's,dvb\([0-9]\)\.\([^0-9]*\)\([0-9]\),dvb/adapter\1/\2\3,'

3. Copy in /lib/firmware/ the file: and rename it in: "dvb-ttpci-01.fw"

4. sudo modprobe dvb-ttpci

5. Reboot. Now you should have the /dev/dvb/adapter0/ with content. If not, again: sudo modprobe dvb-ttpci