DViCO FusionHDTV5 Express

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The DViCO FusionHDTV5 Express is an ATSC PCIe card from DViCO. Its digital TV functionality has been supported under Linux since kernel 2.6.27, but analog support is not yet implemented.


  • 8-VSB and 64/256-QAM
  • NTSC

The card comes with a remote control. Similar to the FusionHDTV5 RT Gold, support for the IR receiver is handled by the card's decoder (the CX23885). The IR receiver chord plugs into the A/V dongle, which in turn plugs into the card and the signal is routed to the cx23885 for processing. If it is not obvious, this means that a LIRC driver is not required in order to use this IR receiver.

The "RT" functionality has been added to the device drivers, but in order for end users to make use of this feature, application level support is also required (i.e. time to bug the developers of your favourite PVR software to include this feature).

Components used