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A series of Linux-based SetTopBoxes produced by Dream-Multimedia-TV GmbH.

These are based around an 250MHz IBM PowerPC processor with built-in MPEG2 hardware decode capability and typically will run Enigma as the default user interface.

Installed tuners vary between models, with DVB-S and terrestrial versions available.

Most (but not all) models connect to wired-LAN, allowing programmes to be recorded to network-attached storage or transferred as VLC streaming video. A few higher-end models, such as the 600's and the 7000-series, add the ability to add internal hard discs or other storage media.

Most software in these units is open-source, with the exception of the low-level dream.o hardware driver. IBM is unwilling to publicly release a full specification for the embedded processor, so any individual hardware device drivers sadly remain closed-source.