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dvbtune is a command line zapping / channel tuning utility for DVB cards, supporting legacy DVB API version 3.2 only. It is part of the DVB tools package.

dvbtune is outdated, but may be still useful in some cases.


usage: dvbtune -f frequency -p h|v -s symbol_rate -v vpid -a apid -t tpid
       dvbtune-f frequency

       -c [0-3]  : Use DVB device [0-3]
       -f freq   : Absolute  Frequency  (DVB-S  in Hz or DVB-T in Hz), or L-band
                   Frequency (DVB-S in Hz or DVB-T in Hz).
       -p [H|V]  : Polarity (DVB-S only)
       -t [0|1]  : 0 = 22kHz off, 1 = 22kHz on
       -I [0|1|2]: 0 = Inversion off 1 = Inversion on, 2 = auto (Default)
       -S N      : Symbol rate (DVB-S only), e.g. 27500
       -D [0-4]  : DiSEqc command (0 = none)
       -V vpid   : Set video PID (oldstyle FF cards)
       -A apid   : Set audio PID (oldstyle FF cards))
       -T ttpid  : Set teletext PID (oldstyle FF cards)
       -pnr N    : Tune to Program Number (aka service) N
       -i        : Dump SI information as XML
       -x        : Attempt to auto-find other transponders (experimental)
       -m        : Monitor the reception quality
       -n dpid   : Add network interface and receive MPE on PID dpid
       --help    : help message
       --version : version string

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