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Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Related Links

Many users seem to use their DVB cards for receiving data (internet by satellite), some also for watching and recording TV on their PC. Here are some links (send us more if you have):

Internet DVB by Andi Ahdin

Klaus Schmidinger's Digital VCR:

Ralph and Marcus Metzler provide alternative drivers and useful DVB applications on their

Satellite Software page by Jan Panteltje

  • useful software for Linux DVB
    • ppv - a still picture viewer for the Technotrend/Siemens/Hauppauge DVB-S PCI digital TV card
    • viemu - a viaccess smart card emulator using a 'season' type interface
    • satpos - a program to calculate the azimuth and elevation for geostationary satellites
    • sdb - a signal strength indicator for the dvb server for the Technotrend DVB-s PCI card
    • pscan - a scanning program for the dvb server for the Technotrend DVB-s PCI card
    • subtitles - adding subtitles in Linux to DVB recordings, create DivX4-mp3 Joliet CD-Rs (Micro-DVDs) with an hour program and very good quality.
  • Satellite Software page by Jan Panteltje

linuxdvb.tv is a collection of useful information, documentation and FAQs about operating a DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) PCI add-on card under Linux by Henning Holtschneider.

Dvbd information - describes the usage of dvbd2 and dvbd3 and collects all versions, revisions and patches. Thanks to Andrei Boros.

The Debian VDR and DVB Packaging Project maintains Debian packages related to DVB cards like drivers, dvb-utils, vdr and vdr-addons.

Andrei Darahshenka wrote a step-by-step installation HOWTO to set up the network interface using dvb-0.9 and linux-2.4.

Linux Set-Top Box page - DVBstream for streaming DVB over networks and some other useful tools for Linux Set-Top Boxes by Dave Chapman

DTV is a new client for controlling the DVBs cards from Technotrend/Hauppauge/Siemens which focuses on the correct interpretation of program information sent through the DVB-SI datastream. Thanks to Rolf Hakenes

Sat (Satellite Technology) HOWTO is an excellent HOWTO about setting up your Linux box to watch digital TV and use DVB data services. Thanks to Roberto Arcomano and Florindo Santoro.

HOWTO Create SVCDs from DVB Recordings - excellent pages by Peter Hofmann.

KVDR the KDE GUI for VDR - by Guido Fiala

Transcode is a linux text-console utility for video stream processing (MPEG, DV, DivX, MJPEG) developed by Thomas Östreich.

VCDImager -- The GNU VideoCD Image Maker

Europe Online (EON) Linux Masquerading FAQ Page - Franz Ackermann from Vienna wrote a very useful page about setting up a Linux router with EON internet by satellite.

How to cascade your Squid proxy with EON - speed up surfing and work around client authentication - by Lukas Loesche

North American MPEG-2 Information - good introduction to digital television in the USA.

The Linux HTPC Howto

CentOS 5 and Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T SE in the UK Howto

Video for Linux (V4L) Related Links

General Links

Wikipedia articles on television technologies