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An USB based analogue TV tuner device from Gadmei which uses the emPia em2820 chipset.


This usb tv-tuner box uses an Audio loopback cable for sound. This needs to be connected to the line-in port for Audio. So for PC's or Laptops without an proper line-in port,you need to connect the speaker directly connected to the audio port of this device to get TV Audio.

Components Used

  • TNF 5323-MF1/TNF 5323-DF (tuner)
  • Philips TDA9801T (demodulator)
  • NXP/Philips SAA7113M (decoder)
  • Empia em2820 (USB bridge)

Note: The Tuner can be a TNF 5323-DF for PAL B/G markets. By default the driver is loaded with TNF 5323-MF1 as tuner. So if you are having a PAL version you need to pass the tuner parameter to have it working correctly


lsusb output:

Bus 001 Device 004: ID eb1a:2820 eMPIA Technology, Inc.

Making it Work


No special firmware is needed in particular for this TV tuner box.


The latest version of v4l-dvb drivers supports this. May be minor parameter changes are required as mentioned in the components section. Since v4l-dvb is shipped with all latest linux distributions all you may have to do is install some Tv viewing software like tvtime, xawtv etc and start watching right away.

If you are having an older linux distro you can build the drivers after extacting from the v4l-dvb mercurial repository.

Sample Kernel Output

Remote Controller Support

The remote is not working. Needs more investigation of i2c-ir-kbd.c.

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