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A DVB-S PCI card produced by KNC1 based on the Philips SAA7146.

There are at least two different revisions of this card, and all revisions should work under Linux.


The current revision does not seem to work properly in Linux. For details see this page about it in the development section. This issue is AFAIK fixed by now and all available revisions should work.

This card is able to deliver the full MPEG-2 Transport Stream to the host.

The card has a CI connector (Cineview module add-on required) and it works fine on Linux! Tested CAMs:

CAM tests on KNC1 TV-Station DVB-S
Type HW/SW version Application version Results
Aston Seca2 module HW 1.05 Kaffeine 0.8.3 Working fine
Official Canal Digitaal/TV Vlaanderen Mediaguard module Software: CANALDIGITAAL 1.09.003 ( Firmware: 1.03.05 Mediaguard version: 1.4.11 (26/06/06) Kaffeine 0.8.3 Working but some corruption blocks in image and corrupted sound, not really usable for watching (note 1)
Matrix Reborn Standard Z-cas, not flashed Kaffeine 0.8.3 Does not initialize, doesn't work (note 2)
Xcam (X-cam) with Angel chip Xcrypt 1.48 Kaffeine 0.8.3 Working fine
Cryptoworks Cryptoworks V4.02.006 Kaffeine 0.8.7 Working fine
Euro-Irdeto Kaffeine 1.0 Working fine

Note 1: Can probably still be used to "activate" or "reactivate" a Canal Digitaal/TV Vlaanderen seca2 card, which is something that cannot be done by e.g. the Xcam. Note 2: The Matrix gives huge corruption and dropped frames on Windows, my Matrix CAM is tested and OK, so maybe the KNC1 hardware just isn't capable or compatible?

Making it Work


The card uses the budget-av driver in Linux.

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