KWorld ATSC 340U

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An ATSC USB 2.0 device from KWorld.

It supported under Linux as of Kernel 2.6.36


Also known as the "PlusTV HD Hybrid Stick 340" or something like that ... very inconsistent naming ... also marketed for a while as the ATSC 340U Dongle HDTV USB Stick

Looks and is identical to the newer UB435-Q USB ATSC TV Stick, but with different coloured packaging, and uses an older revision (C1) of the tuner.

Components Used

  • NXP TDA18271HD/C1 tuner
  • LG LGDT3304 digital demodulator
  • Empia EM2870 USB bridge


Output of lsusb -v reveals a subsystem ID of: 1b80:a340