KWorld DVB-T PC160-2T

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PCI Dual DVB-T TV Card from KWorld

Technical Details

Via VT6210 USB controller. Afatech AF9015 tuner chip; second tuner is an AF9013.


Also available as the Peak PC-160-T [1]

The Peak version of the card works with the same firmware as the KWorld chip, which are included in the restricted drivers in Ubuntu or available from via link on this wiki, I've tested both and they are all fine at time of writing

Some single tuner variants of the PC-160-T only have an AF9015A tuner, and do not seem to respond correctly to the dvb-usb-af9015 driver and firmware options.


Both variants of this card have suspend issues on Linux and Windows. In Windows they fail to reload after suspend and in Linux (Ubuntu 11.04/11.10) they prevent the computer from completing the suspend process, leaving the computer in a frozen state.

Suspend Workaround

There is an easy work around when using myth TV (not tested on the KWorld variant yet).

In capture card settings if you open up the tuner and go to recording options, check open on demand. This means that when Myth doesn't need the card it will unload it (lights switch off on card to indicate this.) So when the recording is finished myth unloads the card and your media PC can suspend properly. This setting is more aimed at users using more than one program needing tuner access but it works for this just as well.