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Klear is a KDE based DVB TV viewer and recorder application that sports common digital television features like EPG, OSD, etc.

It has a simple but attractive interface, making it ideal for light watching and simple recording.


(2015 source)

   DVB Playback
   DVB Video and Radio support
   Internal (and player-independant) Tuner for DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S
   Timeshifting with 'save-back capability'
   full featured scheduled recording
   live-recording system
   EPG with connection to the recording system
   Full teletext/videotext support
   OSD system
   nifty GUI with fullscreen and minimal mode
   screenshot capability with different formats
   integrated deinterlacing filters
   Audio-muting and integrated soft-mixer
   complete graphical configuration system
   KDE kicker integration
   recording formats: MPEG TS (raw) and MPEG PES (realtime conversion)
   free keybindings for hotkeys
   Multilanguage support