Kozumi KTV-01C

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An analog PCI based TV card from Kozumi.

Some tips to make this card work on Debian Linux:

Use the following commands in a script you'll setup to run at boot time:

       rmmod tuner
       rmmod bt878
       rmmod bttv
       modprobe bttv pll=1 radio=1 bttv_verbose=1 card=51 tuner=37 gbuffers=4
       # activating card sound
       /sbin/modprobe tvaudio
       depending on the country you live tuner=38 may be needed to see all the available channels

The list of loaded kernel modules can be watched via the following command: lsmod | grep bt

You'll also need an external cable to connect the audio output to the auxiliary input in your sound card or motherboard.

To test the card, use kdetv, instead of scan local channels, try to scan frequencies and add all the found channels. You can later modify or delete channels from the list.

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