Leadtek WinFast DTV1800 H

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An hybrid Analog/DVB-T PCI card from Leadtek. There are 2 types of Leadtek DTV1800H, the older rev (107d:6654) with Xceive xc3028 tuner and the later rev (107d:6f38) with Xceive xc4000.

Card Features


   * DVB-T
   * NTSC/PAL from RF/Composite/S-Video inputs.
   * FM radio


   * RF
   * Composite
   * Infrared 

Currently the xc4000 version of this card is only supported by applying the patch available at http://istvanv.users.sourceforge.net/v4l/xc4000.html (has been tested and found to work in Australia using Kaffeine/KDE4).

The IR support appears to work but the default key code mappings for the IR control are incorrect. HD audio can be intermittent at times; not sure what is causing this. SD DVB functionality works fine.

Update 2010-08-14 - the patchset above has been modified to apply directly to the 2.6.35 kernel tree but this updated patch is not yet publicly available. Watch this space...

Update 2013-07-09 - in case that somebody is interested, xc4000 seem to be supported in kernels 3.2.0 and 3.8.0 with xc4000.ko kernel module. Modinfo does not mention any problems with DVB-T. Apparently, there is no relevant firmware in directory /lib/firmware in Ubuntu 13.04 (default firmware filename is dvb-fe-xc4000-1.4.fw), so it needs to be downloaded, possibly from http://www.kernellabs.com/blog/ or http://istvanv.users.sourceforge.net/v4l/xc4000.html#downloads or depending on your distribution, some package with non-free firmware has to be installed.