LifeView FlyTV Express M5

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This is an PCI ExpressCard hybrid card that features analog TV and DVB-T from Manufacturer LifeView. Its serialnumber is LR 512.

It comes in two Versions, the MST-TA and the MST-T2A2. The only Difference i could figure is that the T2A2 has a composite in. It has two LEDs, one lighting when powered (plugged in) and one when initialized (under Windows).

Technical Info

  • SAA7162 as the Main Chipset and PCIE Interface
  • 2xTDA10046 Frontend
  • 2xTDA8275A Tuner

PCI ID is 1131:7162, Subsystem ID 5168:0512.

Rebranded Cards


Manu Abraham's saa716x driver [[1]] delivers initial SAA7162 support.

As there is support for the TDA10046, it should be easy to make this card work when the driver is ready.

However, the driver seems to have problems to read the EEPROM and seems not to be able to attach the frontend after entering the PCI IDs in saa716x_hybrid.c in start of april 2009


  • Hong Kong product page (EN) [[2]]
  • Taiwan T2A2 product page (EN) [[3]]
  • Taiwan TA product page (DE) [[4]]
  • Taiwan T2A2 product page (DE) [[5]]