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This is by no means a complete guide, and applies to a card bought locally in Argentina, so different ones might have different tuners. My card is equipped with LG TACP tuner (NTSC plus PAL-N and PAL-M). I also discovered that the claimed PAL-N compatibility is not. In fact, what is supported is PAL-Nc, what is enough to watch PAL-N tv channels!

Modify /etc/modprobe.conf by adding this line

options saa7134 card=2 tuner=39

Then, restart the driver by rebooting -- Windows style! -- or by unloading and reloading the module:

rmmod saa7134
modprobe saa7134 card=2 tuner=39

Then, edit /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml and /homedir/.tvtime/tvtime.xml, and set norm to PAL-Nc, freq. table to us-cable, and all the options you want.

Then, execute tvtime with the following command:


or by clicking on its name from the "Applications-Sound & Video" menu.

This will set the program to accept the strange scheme used by PAL-N (that is, PAL color schemes with NTSC tuning frequencies). You will then be able to autoset the channels and your personal preferences.

This is just a basic setup so you can watch TV. Investigate further to take advantage of FM radio, and the rest (although everything should work fine).

Hope this helps, but if I can help you with something else, just drop me a line at

Good luck, and enjoy tv watching!