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An analogue TV viewing application. Focused to use KDE 4 new features, like Plasma, and intended to be what the (likely) discontinued kdetv was for KDE 3.

In the original authour's own words [1]:

It uses mplayer and mencoder as the backends for viewing & recording, respectively. I was noticing in the application porting status page on techbase that the status of a KDE4 version of kdetv was unknown. So, I'd like to suggest LinTV as a drop-in replacement for it. I've attached a screenshot showing just a few of the features LinTV has at the moment, even though some features don't fully work as expected sometimes.
I'd eventually like to see LinTV go into extragear for KDE4 if possible.

It currently resides within the KDE playground and has, unfortunately, seen only limited further development.

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