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Me TV is a digital television (DVB) viewer for GNOME.

Me TV was developed for the modern digital lounge room with a PC for a media centre that is capable of normal PC tasks (web surfing, word processing and watching TV). It is not designed to be a full-blown media centre such as MythTV but will integrate well with an existing GNOME desktop.

Why Me TV?

The name Me TV comes from Australian slang for "My TV". Hence, "it's TV for me computer" is Australian slang for "it's TV for my computer". The pattern can be followed for all instances of "My", such as "Me dog", "Me ute" and of course "Me beer".


* GTK/GNOME interface
* Completely mouse driven
* Runs in system tray
* Current and future program information
* Instant Record
* Once off Scheduled recordings
* Auto channel scan
* Auto PID selection
* Audio stream select
* Network broadcast
* Dual language
* DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S and ATSC support
* Double-click fullscreen
* Keyboard shortcuts
* Very simple installation and set up

Installing Me TV

Me TV is packaged for many distributions including:

  • Debian (main)
  • Ubuntu (universe)

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