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Packet Identifier of a MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet.

The PID is a 13-bit number that is used by the MPEG-2 Multiplexer or MPEG-2 Demultiplexer to identify the Elementary Stream to which this TS Packet belongs. A MPEG-2 Transport Stream can thus contain up to 2^13 = 8192 multiplexed Elementary Streams.

Some PIDs are defined by the MPEG-2 Standard and the DVB Standards to be used for reserved purposes:

Reserved PIDs
PID (hex) Purpose
0x00 PAT - Program Association Table
0x01 CAT - Conditional Access Table
0x10 NIT - Network Information Table
0x11 SDT - Service Description Table
0x12 EIT - Event Information Table
0x13 RST - Running Status Table
0x14 TDT - Time and Date Table

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