Pinnacle PCTV 400e

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A DVB-S USB 2.0 Device from Pinnacle. It is currently unsupported.


This driver is pre-Work-In-Progress. The following drivers are needed for these devices:

 - tda10086.ko
 - lnbp21.ko
 - tda826x.ko
 - dvb-usb.ko
 - dvb-usb-ttusb2.ko

It uses (an extension of) the TTUSB-USB-protocol.


Model number


Supports Tuner / Chips Connections Others Pictures
Pinnacle PCTV 400e DVB-S, VDR What we know:
- uses parts of the ttusb-USB-protocol
- isochronous Data transfer
- TDA10086 DVB-S frontend
- TDA8263 silicon DVB-S tuner
- ST lnbp21 LNB Programming unit
Device / Model Type Hardware Firmware URL / Pictures
Comments & quirks
Pinnacle PCTV 400e USB - DVB-S USB2.0 Philips TDA10086/93, TDA8263 tuner, ST lnbp21 dvb-usb-pctv-400e-01.fw [1]
This device uses isochronous data transfer.

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