Pinnacle PCTV 50i

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An analogue TV tuner PCI card from Pinnacle.

It is supported under Linux.


  • PCI interface, 3.3V / 5V
  • comes with remote control

Card connectors:

  • TV signal: IEC connector (PAL/SECAM)
  • FM radio signal: IEC connector
  • Video Inputs: S-video (Hosiden-socket), Composite video (RCA socket, via included adapter), 2.5 mm header (internal)
  • IR-Remote input, 2.5 mm stereo socket
  • Audio Outputs: 2.5 mm header (internal)
  • Audio Inputs: 2.5 mm header (internal)
  • Wake-Up: 2.5 mm header (internal)

Components Used

  • NXP/Philips tda8275a (tuner)
  • NXP/Philips SAA7131 (A/V decoder)


output of lspci -vnn:

Making it work

The card should be autodetected.


If by chance your card is not autodetected, try using the module option

  modprobe saa7134 card=77

Sample kernel output

Remote controllers

Pinnacle 50or110 i remote.jpg

This picture shows the two remote controllers which ship with Pinnacle 50i or 110i PCTV Cards. The 110i and 50i boards are the same, but it looks like the 110i package comes with the coloured remote control (on the left) and the 50i with the grey one (on the right).

If you have the grey controller, you need to give the pinnacle_remote=1 parameter to the saa7134 module. For instance:

   modprobe saa7134 pinnacle_remote=1

There is one annoyance with the current code. If you press the same key quickly, it does not report a key press. The workaround is to press each key for about half a second.

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