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An analogue TV viewing application that was part of the separately released "Extragear" of the KDE 3.x application suite.

kdetv, originally named QtVision during its initial development phase, was the direct and completely rewritten successor of the former KWinTV. [1] [2].

The last official kedtv release version was evidently 0.8.8 [3], though some distributions list a v0.8.9 [4], as does kde-apps page. In any regard, its development pretty much ceased once the push towards KDE4 commenced. There is some evidence that a move was initiated to port kdetv over to KDE4 [5] [6], but that too appears to have come to an end. Further, the mailing list is evidently shutting down for good. [7]

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  • LinTV - a potential KDE4 focused replacement for kdetv

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