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RedButton MHEG Engine is a small suite of software, released under the GPL, that allows you to use the interactive MHEG applications broadcast with DVB digital TV services (e.g. the BBC red button service in the UK).


RedButton consists of two parts.

  • rb-download, allows MHEG data to be downloaded from a DVB service.
  • rb-browser, allows the downloaded MHEG applications to be displayed.

Both rb-download and rb-browser can be run on the same host, or rb-download can be run on a host with a DVB card and rb-browser can be run on a remote frontend without a DVB card.

The rb-author package contains tools for working with MHEG applications. If you want to write your own MHEG applications, you can use the mhegc compiler to generate the ASN1 format files rb-browser expects. If you want to see how other peoples applications work, you can use the mhegd tool to convert ASN1 format files into the text form.

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