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The SIGMACOM SIGMA HDTV5 X1 is an ATSC PCI card, and although there is presently no offical kernel support for the card, a Mandrake JoayoNET (Korean wiki) article outlines how to get it working under Linux.

Added to
Frontend Bridge Interface 8VSB QAM NTSC Other Features
n.a. LG TDVS-H064P
* Infineon TUA6034 tuner
* Philips TDA9887 demodulator (A)
* LG DT3303 demodulator (D)
Conexant CX23881 yes yes yes * S-Video & Composite inputs

There are actually several near identical cards in the SIGMA HDTV5 X1 family. From the promotional photos on SIGMACOM's websites, one can see that:

  • there is scant difference in the appearance between the older SIGMA Cyber HDTV II, the SIGMA HDTV5 Penta and the SIGMA HDTV5 X1
    • the Penta model even has 'Cyber HDTV II' silk screened on the PCB, whereas the X1 has "SMT-30"
  • the layout of the X1 Star and X1 365 are clearly identical to the above boards except both share a slightly longer PCB (both cards are silk screened "SMT-31")
    • although the extended portion of the X1 Star's PCB contains traces and spots for circuitry, it is essentially barren. The X1 365, on the otherhand, contains the additional circuitry and has several headers in the extended portion of the card's PCB.
    • the X1 365 also has what appears to be a 2nd S-Video port

Whether or not the Mandrake JoayoNET instructions will work for all the cards in the X1 family is unclear, but given their high degree of similarity, it is quite reasonalbe to assume that they should.

The X1 cards are highly similar to the DViCO FusionHDTV5 Gold.


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