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Silicon Labs produces different kind of mixed-signal chips, among these some DVB demods and tuners.


  • DVB-S Frontend si2109/2110
  • Demod series Si2161/63/65: Si2161 (DVB-T), Si2163 (DVB-C), Si2165 (DVB-T/C)
  • Demod: Si2168 (Demod DVB-T2/T/C)
  • Silicon TV Tuner ICs: Si2170/1/2
  • Silicon TV Tuner IC: Si2173
  • 3rd Generation Silicon TV Tuner ICs: Si2176/56/55/46/36
  • 4th Generation silicon TV Tuner ICs: Si2178/58/48/38/28
  • 5th Generation silicon TV Tuner ICs: Si2177/57/47/37/27
  • Radio receiver/transmitter: Si47xx


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