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An ATSC network attached device from Silicondust.

The device does not require drivers and works well under Linux when using applications, such as MythTV or VLC media player, that are able to interface with the device. In addition, third party dvb drivers are also available (see links below) for the device, allowing usage with dvb utilites and applications such as the dvb-apps, Kaffeine, MPlayer etc.


This interesting embedded device, often referred to simply as the 'HDHR', runs Ubicom's own ipOS RTOS. It is capable of supporting both 8-VSB (ATSC) and 64/256-QAM (SCTE 07 Digital Cable) sources. In addition, the IP3023/ipOS combination is capable of providing hardware PID filtering.

Components Used

Rev. 1 models have device numbers of 1012xxxx & lower, and contain:

  • twin Thomson DTF8640B NIMs, which feature
    • the Zoran/Oren Cascade2 digital demodulator (CAS-220)
  • an Ubicom IP3023 RISC network processor
  • a Davicom DM9161A Fast Ethernet PHY
  • a 4Mbit SST 39VF040 multipurpose flash IC (houses the Ubicom ipOS RTOS)
  • 7.2W max power consumption

Rev. 2 models have 1013xxxx & higher, and contain:

  • twin JINXIN UVS1805BDMW1 NIMs, which feature
    • Micronas DRX 393yJ digital demodulator
  • 4.5W max power consumption

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