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szap-s2 is a command line channel zapping (i.e. tuning) utility similar to szap but including support for S2API a.k.a. DVB API version 5, which supports DVB-S2. When using szap-s2, one instructs it to change the channel to one of a list of channels supplied in a channels.conf type file.

Note: szap-s2 requires Linux DVB driver API version 5 -- i.e. use kernel 2.6.28 or later.


scan-s2 does not have a man page. However if you run it with no parameters a summary of its command options is displayed.

usage: szap -q
         list known channels
       szap [options] -n channel-number
         zap to channel via channel number
       szap [options] channel_name
         zap to channel via full name (case insensitive)

       -a number : use given adapter (default 0)
       -f number : use given frontend (default 0)
       -d number : use given demux (default 0)
       -c file   : read channels list from 'file'
       -V        : use VDR channels list file format (default zap)
       -b        : enable Audio Bypass (default no)
       -x        : exit after tuning
       -H        : human readable output
       -D        : params debug
       -r        : set up /dev/dvb/adapterX/dvr0 for TS recording
       -l lnb-type (DVB-S Only) (use -l help to print types) or
       -l low[,high[,switch]] in Mhz
       -i        : run interactively, allowing you to type in channel names
       -p        : add pat and pmt to TS recording (implies -r)
       -S        : delivery system type DVB-S=0, DVB-S2=1
       -M        : modulation 1=BPSK 2=QPSK 5=8PSK
       -C        : fec 0=NONE, 12=1/2, 23=2/3, 34=3/4 35=3/5 45=4/5 56=5/6 67=6/7 89=8/9 910=9/10 999=AUTO
       -O        : rolloff 35=0.35 25=0.25 20=0.20 0=UNKNOWN

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