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TBS5680 is a digital cable TV Tuner external box with USB connection for watching and recording digital cable TV on PC. With integrated CI slot, it can be used for watching clear/unecrypted or encrypted Pay TV(By inserting the correct CAM and subscription smartcard into the CI slot, encrypted pay TV will be available).It is a good choice for watching/recording digital cable HD TV on PC, especially on laptop.


  • Watch Cable TV & listen to Radio on PC
  • DVB-C SD or HD TV Receiving
  • Real Time and Scheduled Program Recording(PVR)
  • Time Shifting to Pause Live TV
  • Common Interface Support

Components Used

  • CY7C68013
  • TDA10024
  • TDA18252


  • Fully compliant with DVB-C and ITU J83 A/C Specifications
  • Receiving Frequency: 47~862 MHz Tuning Range
  • Input level: -65~-10dBm
  • 16QAM,32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM and 256QAM Support
  • Symbol Rate: 0.87 to 9Mbaud
  • Single CI Slot


Available here. Look for the TBS5280 Latest Linux driver

Note (2 dec 2012): These proprietary drivers were forked from the standard Linux DVB drivers around August 2011. And as such contain only old drivers for hardware other than from TBS.

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