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AverTV Hybrid Super 007 seems to be not provided (correctly)

I have an AverTV Hybrid Super 007-PCI-card, see Product Details AverTV Hybrid Super 007

As you can see, the card provides antenna-plugin for analog TV and DVB-T as well as a S-Video-plugin. Each is working fine under Windows 7 (chosen by Dual Boot System, not by Virtual Box), but under by favorite used ubuntu 12.04 S-Video is not even shown in v4l2-interface:

 MPlayer2 UNKNOWN (C) 2000-2011 MPlayer Team
 Playing tv://.
 Detected file format: TV
 Selected driver: v4l2
  name: Video 4 Linux 2 input
  author: Martin Olschewski <>
  comment: first try, more to come 
 Selected device: Avermedia Super 007
  Tuner cap: STEREO LANG1 LANG2
  Tuner rxs: MONO
  Capabilities:  video capture  video overlay  VBI capture device  tuner  read/write  streaming
  supported norms: 0 = NTSC; 1 = NTSC-M; 2 = NTSC-M-JP; 3 = NTSC-M-KR; 4 = PAL; 5 = PAL-BG; 6 = PAL-H; 7 = PAL-I; 8 = PAL-DK; 9 = PAL-M; 10 = PAL-N; 11 = PAL-Nc; 12 = PAL-60; 13 = SECAM; 14 = SECAM-B; 15 = SECAM-G; 16 = SECAM-H; 17 = SECAM-DK; 18 = SECAM-L; 19 = SECAM-Lc;
  inputs: 0 = Television;
  Current input: 0
  Current format: BGR24
 v4l2: current audio mode is : MONO
 [ass] auto-open

I suggest that the chosen driver (saa7134) is not the correct one or is not supporting the specific feature on the card. Unfortunately I can neither find my card in the list of this wiki-site nor can I find proper informations about the subject via google. Is this site anyway the correct address to report my problem? If not: Who can I turn to?