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has someone the solution for the kernel 3.3.x ? (or maybe the explication how to modify the files relative to a new kernel. The error message after installing the driver is not very clear to me)

It works great with mageia 1 or mandriva 2010 ! but did not work with mageia 2 (kernel 3.3.6)

thank's for all, great job !


Is there any chance to solution for the kernel 3.4.x?

Works fine with 3.2 debian kernel but with other method

Avermedia Installer no works fine in debian amd-64 with kernel 3.2.xxxx. I've resolved using the same method but in mode expert from avermedia installer. The files extracted in my pc with the name H826D-expert-install that extracting the drivers using "make" and copy-paste in "lib/modules/ dvb/dvb-usb".

This is the method:

If this step has detected a problem, we get a window indicating that it failed to install the driver due to missing kernel headers acutal, or the kernel is not supported by suggesting alternative installation method, entering new facility and choosing the experts. It really does is decompress in a folder selected by you (which is) continue these steps one by one and in order.

STEP 1*** Edit the hex file H826D-expert-install/aver/osdep_dvb.o_shipped and replace param_array_get by param_array_ops and param_array_set by param_array_ops or more easy .... perl -pi -e 's/param_array_get/param_array_ops/g' aver/osdep_dvb.o_shipped perl -pi -e 's/param_array_set/param_array_ops/g' aver/osdep_dvb.o_shipped

This step is equal no changes.

STEP 2 In H826D-expert-install/aver/osdep.c --replace init_MUTEX(tmp); by sema_init(tmp, 1); and init_MUTEX_LOCKED(tmp); by sema_init(tmp, 0); In H826D-expert-install/aver/osdep_dvb.c --replace init_MUTEX(&p->feedlock); by sema_init(&p->feedlock, 1);

      • Add #define VFL_TYPE_VTX 3 top of H826D-expert-install/aver/osdep_v4l2.c



1. IN aver/osdep.c : Replace: void SysLockKernel() { lock_kernel(); }

void SysUnlockKernel() { unlock_kernel(); }

               static DEFINE_MUTEX(dvbdev_mutex);

void SysLockKernel() { mutex_lock(&dvbdev_mutex); }

void SysUnlockKernel() { mutex_unlock(&dvbdev_mutex); } 2. In aver/osdep_th2.c : 2.a after : #include "osdep_th2.h" add : #include "osdep.h" 2.b replace : lock_kernel(); by: SysLockKernel();

2.c replace : unlock_kernel(); by: SysUnlockKernel();

STEP 4 Replace

  1. include <linux/smp_lock.h>

from H826D-expert-install/aver/osdep.c



Here the change, no use the installer or patch directly apply changes for kernel 3.xxxx

  1. include <linux/module.h>

after line 77....

  1. include <linux/types.h>


After applying this, and in the folder H826D-expert-install type "make" ( previously must be a "make clean" as root of course all) generates drivers in the same folder we copy the following folder /lib/modules/3.2.0-2-amd64/kernel/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb

this files "averusbh826d.ko" and "h826d.ko"

Finally type

  1. depmod -a

Basically we have removed the default installation method and derive AVerMedia expert mode suggested by the installer in one of his steps in the installation, generating the appropriate folder. If anyone has a method that works better than the last described, please indicate as many steps (not sure the patch works with the alternative method expert mode because I have not tried).