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Software page very confusing

I'm finding this list of Software page very confusing! For example, the column headed 'RECORD MPG' has just ONE product that says 'y' (yes) and ONE product that says 'n' (no). So, what is that supposed to mean for all the OTHER products, when it's 'blank'? (I've been construing it to mean NO for other products, such as MythTV and xawtv, but have later learned that the answer should be YES. (At least, YES is certainly true for MythTV.) So, what's up? Can this be corrected/clarified?. Cookdav 2007

The original submitter either (i) didn't know the answers and/or (ii) ran out of time to edit (iii) never came back to supply the answers. Other readers have not made contributions that would fill in the blanks/provide the answers. Feel free to fill in the blanks / make necessary corrections.--CityK 21:08, 30 September 2007 (CEST)