TechniSat CableStar USB / Cable4PC USB

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A DVB-C USB device made by TechniSat.

The original "Cable4PC USB" reference design was created by B2C2 and adopted by TechniSat for manufacturing. As part of TechniSat's DVB PC TV Stars products lineup, the device was given the name "CableStar USB". (TechniSat's PCI based cards have some peculiar naming inconsistencies on the German and English websites -- the cards use a *Star 2 TV PCI nomenclature on the German pages, but strangely, TechniSat has since dropped the "TV" part from the name on its English website for both their AirStar and CableStar PCI cards, yet retains it in their SkyStar PCI card's name. The "*Star" USB devices, for their part, share a consistent naming basis across both websites, whereby both the "2" & "TV" are omitted from the respective USB device name.)

Based on the B2C2 FlexCop chipset, and contains the STV0297 demodulator.

The following drivers are needed for this device:

 - stv0297.ko
 - b2c2-flexcop.ko
 - b2c2-flexcop-usb.ko

These frontend(s)/demodulator(s) can be found in various revisions of this device:

 - STMicroelectronics STV0297
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TechniSat/B2C2 CableStar USB USB1.1

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