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Sorry but the interesting part of this page is not visible to the naked eye. You'll have to click on edit above to see the Template voodoo.

This is a list of Device List Templates. The Templates that help produce those nifty tables of devices. It is just a reminder and shortcut for anybody who wants to play with those templates.

The templates ending in /Header only contain the table headers while the /Row templates contain table row layout.

The /Header templates are boring and plain. The /Row templates contain all the wiki voodoo necessary to decide if a particular row is to be displayed at all.

If you edit this device list template, please note that it is part of a group of templates and the other templates may need adjustment, too. So if you want to add a column to one of the tables, you'll need to edit the /Header template as well as the /Row template.

General purpose Templates

Usable full detail view for USB devices
Usable full detail view for PCI devices
All fields, even those usually only used for filtering

did-only table (useful to find example on how to select new did)
did vendor device standard supported pic url hostinterface usbid hw tuner demodulator usbbridge fw comment E