TerraTec Cinergy T2

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Supported ID on
Hardware Firmware Comment / Pictures URL E
TerraTec Cinergy T2 Yes, in kernel since 2.6.12 0ccd:0038 USB2.0 Zarlink MT352 Aka. "Cinergy T²" (T-square). [1] Jump to the place where you can edit this entry
TerraTec Cinergy T2 Stick HD Yes eb1a:8179 USB2.0 Silicon Labs Si2146, Silicon Labs si2168, Empia EM28178 dvb-demod-si2168-a30-01.fw kernel >= 3.19, remote control supported. TerraTec Cinergy T2 Stick HD.jpg [2] Jump to the place where you can edit this entry

The TerraTec Cinergy T² is a small buspowered USB2.0 highspeed DVB-T device sold in german media markets since october 2004. Onboard IR Receiver, delivered with antenna and remote control.

Fully supported by the cinergyT2 Linux driver. Remote control and antenna shipped with the device are not really perfect but can easily get replaced, the receiver is able to decode NEC/Toshiba and RC5 remote control signals.

The programming of the MT352 is hidden behind the USB protocol defined within the firmware.

Open Hardware and Firmware

Because the device went out of production, the schematics and full firmware sources have been released: