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A full list of tuner modules and ICs supported by the project can be found in the latest Hg version of the kernel documentation.

Note: You will notice within the tuner list that entry tuner=74 is missing. This "tuner" is purposely blacklisted, in the tuner.pl script:

               if (/#define\s+TUNER_TDA9887/) {

The Philips tda9887 is not a tuner, rather it is an analogue IF demodulator. Simply put, while the tda9887 is often found within tin can tuner modules, it just can't appear on its own, so it makes no sense to force a card to use "tda9887" as a tuner.

Basic instructions for getting your tuner properly detected

If your tuner is not detected correctly (you get a black screen, let's say), try inserting the v4l kernel driver with a tuner parameter, for instance:

modprobe bttv tuner=41

This can also be added to the list of modules loaded on boot, sometimes /etc/modules:

saa7134 card=2 tuner=17 oss=1

If you still don't get a picture, ask for help on the linux-media mailing list ... (you may also wish to search within the V4L mailing list archives for related information).

Tuner information

It's generally preferable to place comments on an individual card's tuner quirks in the card's own page, but cross-card tuner-specific information can usefully go here.

Philips Tuners


  • TCL tuners are manufactured in Huizhou in China. The English pages don't respond, but see [1], the product list in Chinese or [2].
  • The TCL2002-MB1 model was found on a card based on the BT878 chipset (such as Itemstech Much TV Fusion, which runs like a Hauppauge, with card=10). It uses tuner=37 (LG PAL - newer TAPC series API).
  • The TCL2002MB-3 was first discovered on saa7134 based cards and recently on cx88 based Hauppauge WinTV GO2 models. All use tuner=37 with LG API, and so does TCL2002MI-3 (PAL-I/DK) (cf. discussion on spinics.net)
  • The F variants with radio use the older Philips API, for example tuner=5. The TCL2002MB-1 is supposed to be PAL-BG/DK capable. Its not known if the "-3" could indicate any change, but it is not expected since we have recently also seen the TCL2002MI-3 on a cx88 based Hauppauge (cf. discussion on spinics.net).
  • On the other hand the above site shows that we have to be aware of NTSC tuners with tda9885 and also tda9887 with radio like the MFMN05-4 and the full MultiEurope MFPE05-2 (some mismatches on the site).

Hauppauge WinTV devices

  • The WinTV-Express card is a European or UK model, but the Hauppauge WinTV Go Plus looks very much like a PAL-B/G Express 44804 REV D148. Just like this cards, WinTV Express cards in Europe may all be MONO. No MSP34xx...
  • A new Hauppauge WinTV PCI-FM card is here (pci_ids: 14f1:8800, 14f1:8811), using the TCL MFPE05-02 PAL (DK BG I) FM tuner. It just implements mk3 API, you can use philips 1216me mk3 (tuner=38) instead.

Xceive 3028

  • LinuxTV support - analog/dvb/atsc works fine, radio untested. Requires firmware. For further details, see here.
  • mrec's 3rd party support - At the moment it supports PAL-BG, other PAL standards as well as NTSC and SECAM are in progress. People reported that the DVB-T part already works fine.

TNF5835 / TNF9835 / TVF58T5-MFF

Looks like these three tuners are equal. They work for TV with tuner=37. The chips on the tuner are: Philips TDA9809 (FM demodulator) Philips TDA7040 (stereo decoder) Texas Instruments SN761677 (Tv/Vcr tuner)