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Hi D.s (Darren I presume :) ),

the move function didn't work for GXine/gxine yesterday because of the prior existence of the two pages -- you can't move a page to a new name if the name is already in existence.

In any regard, to preserve attribution to user "Frenchy's" original write up, I rolled back your changes in that article (set it up as a redirect) and then deleted the other article where you had moved the info too and then made the changes (Capitalization, readme link , and redundant heading). I then used the move function to correct the old article to the new title (gxine --- like as you had attempted yesterday). I didn't re-instate the corrections you made, as I left that option open for you (so that the attribution/credit is correct). --CityK 19:06, 31 July 2007 (CEST)