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I am an old GNU/Linux user living in Switzerland. First try was Suse on a 386 box as well that some other distro on an Amiga 2000. This old Amiga is still my reference for a stable, nice, powerful, simple to use and capable OS.

GNU/Linux is stable, nice, powerful and capable, but definitely not so simple to use for an advanced user. Now with Gentoo on an ~amd64 Phenom box and FVWM (The wm with decent mouse behaviour and infinite configuration capabilities). In order to make things simpler to use, I run FVWM-Crystal as desktop.

My contributions for linux are bug repports, participating to the gentoo forums and wiki, participating in some other forumss like this one (more sporadic), as well than administration for FVWM-Crystal and Alsaplayer.

I am currently trying to learn the C/C++ in order to be able to hack Alsaplayer, but my biggest problem is time, GNU/Linux is one things, my box do have a power button, but the real life is running all the time.

See you in the streets!