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To do

Change the site icon

Test whether changing the setting on the Line1 or Line3 affects the volume coming through on Line2.

bttv devices:

Reorganize page along the lines of saa7134 devices
Add an introduction with general instructions
   Add a section on sound (add a link to it in a FAQ)
Link to the AverTV98 page as an example
Create a generic installation page, and include sound card hookup instructions?
  (You could include photographs of connections)

cx88 devices:

Add page along the lines of saa7134 devices
Include example page with pcHDTV

hardware vs software compression: add discussion -- h264, Steve Dibb's mpeg4 USB card

status matrix: new page with something like this:

card           text capture            PCI audio        video quality
bttv           teletext, cc            maybe            excellent
saa7134        teletext, maybe cc      yes              excellent
cx88           not much                no               color issues?
ivtv           maybe                   unknown          excellent

Or leave out video quality? See kevin's page on how to do tables in a wiki

tuners: new page with tuner list

copyright: add that the wiki history functions as a changelog

Quick editing help:

bttv gallery: link to Gunther's page