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Just an ordinary user. I am currently running VDR 1.4.7 with a Terratec Cinergy C-1200 on an AMD64 X2 box with Ubuntu Gutsy. (I would have gone for Ubuntu Feisty normally, but I wanted a distro with the 2.6.22 kernel as that is the first one to support my version of the Cinergy out of the box.)

I was previously running MythTV 0.20 with a Hauppauge WinTV, then bought the Cinergy and didn't manage to make it work with MythTV. (After a couple of long week-ends I got MythTV patched up to recognize all channels but as soon as MythTV went scanning for the EPG, which is a few seconds after you start the frontend, the MythTV backend would freeze.)

I'll be looking into Freevo 2 once it's settled down a little to get the best of both worlds (a decent DVB TV app through VDR and a spiffy UI).