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If you are wondering why I have (again) removed your edits about the cx2388x capture abilities, its because you are missing a point of distinction:

  • the IC is primarily an A/V decoder (i.e. it does analog to digital conversion)
  • digital tv consists of a MPEG2 Transport Stream (i.e. its already digital ... no analog to digital conversion is required)
  • in regards to digital tv, the cx2388x acts only as a bridge -- it accepts the MPEG2 TS and places it on the PCI bus
  • the capture window that you keep referencing is STRICTLY in regards to an analog signal ... this does NOT apply to a digital TV signal
  • that last point leads me to believe that you are confusing a compressed format decoder, such as a MPEG2 decoder vs. an A/V decoder ... they are NOT the same thing

hope that helps clarify


OK thanks yes rereading the specs that makes sense.... so something else on the board was not capable of passing the bandwidth required for HDTV signals (card was clearly marked SDTV ie up to 576p). The card definitely stops working above 576p! We have 720p and 1080i being transmitted here in Australia as well as 576i and 576p.

Hi Indulis -- I'm not clear what the issue is exactly. Is it a case that you can not receive any HDTV transmissions? If that is the case, then offhand, I'm wondering if your device is affected by a well known issue -- a slightly different modulation scheme used in some regions of Australia. I thought that that issue had been tracked down and eliminated in the affected demodulator drivers, but I could be wrong. Nonetheless, try writing into the linux-media mail list, describing the issue, the device you're using, and the software with which you are attempting to use to watch the channels that aren't working--CityK 23:27, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

The problem is that I *CAN* receive the HDTV transmissions but the video stream is juddering - starts, stops. I think something on the card can't handle full 1080i/720p bandwidth. I can see the same thing with my old settop box- it was great for SD but same problem with HD transmissions, start/stop/start/stop. The kWorld card was only ever sold as an SD card (capable of up to 576p). It doesn't really matter, I have a new system build not, which only has 1 PCI slot, and I've put in a new dual tuner HDTV capable card. Thanks for your help though!