Yuan MPC 788 Hybrid Mini-PCI

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An hybrid Analog/DVB-T Mini-PCI card from Yuan. It is an OEM/ODM card that may be found through custom laptop builders or through online purchase such as eBay vendors.

The MPC-788 has the PCI ID of 12ab:4789 and has the following components:

   * Tuner: Xceive xc3028 
   * Demod: ZL10353 
   * Demux: CX23883 

As such is it almost identical component-wise to the Winfast DTV1800.

Card Features


   * DVB-T
   * World-wide analog from RF input
   * FM radio


   * RF

The firmware used for this card was the generic "xc3028_v27.fw" which can be found easily online.

Analog TV has been tested using the stock 2.6.35 kernel in Mandriva 2010.0. MPlayer was used successfully with clear ALSA audio. The CX88XX module had to have the card number identified as 81. Therefore the options needed to be set in "/etc/modprobe.d/video4linux" as "options cx88xx card=81".

DVB-T was not fully tested as no DVB-T signal exist in Canada. However, Kaffeine did correctly find the digital tuner and did scan the channels with nothing found.

FM radio has not been tested.