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This article is about Zoran Corporation, an American semiconductor designer that focuses on digital signal processors used in multimedia applications (such as DVD players, HDTV sets, webcams, etc.).


  • Established 1983


  • Nogatech in Aug 2000
  • TeraLogic in 2002?
  • Oak Technology Inc. in August 2003
  • Emblaze Semiconductor in July 2004
  • Oren Semiconductor Inc. in June 2005


  • NT100x USB interface chipsets (used in USBVision devices)
  • ZR360x7 PCI bridge chips (zr36057, zr36067)
  • zr3612x PCI bridge chips (zr36120, zr36125)
  • the Janus" (TL880) MPEG2 decoder (obtained through a series of acquisitions) [1]
  • 364xx USB interface chipsets [2]
  • zr360x0 MJPEG codec (zr36050, zr36060)
  • Cascade2 DTV Demodulator

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