Zr3612x devices

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zr3612x devices are collectively those PCI cards that are based upon one of the Zoran zr3612x chips, and which would be supported under Linux by the zr36120 driver (details below).

Some of the PCI devices upon which zr3612x chips can be found are:

  • TechniSat TechniPC/Mediafocus I
  • Ancient:
    • KYE VIdeo Wonder-Pro
    • Wavewatcher
    • LifeView FlyVideo
    • etc.
  • The ZR36125 is also used on the Cinemaster C hardware DVD decoder card (for which there is no Linux driver yet).

Driver Information

  • Old kernel Documentation/video4linux/zr36120.txt
  • Pauline's driver page -- an original driver package for the zr36120
  • Peter Schlaf's driver page -- for the Mediafocus I (Also see here for a tidbit more info on the Medaifocus I Linux driver).
  • As seen from a discussion on old V4L mailing list (which has been replaced by the Linux-Media Mailing List), the actual zr3612x driver status seems to fallen into question. (This authour believes, though is not positive (nor really cares to spend the time tracking the issue down any further) that the driver was indeed removed from the V4L-DVB sources at a later point in time).